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Prime HealthCare Staffing

About Us

A privately owned Michigan based company, Prime HealthCare Staffing is one of the nation’s leading firms providing travel and direct placement opportunities for RN's, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists and School Psychologists. For the past twenty (20) years Prime has specialized in placing only healthcare making Prime the “go to” agency of choice.

Prime's success comes from having a people-centric philosophy - one that not only keeps us focused on the experience, skills and qualifications of each of our healthcare professionals, but also the specific needs, work settings and patient populations of every one of our customers.

For our employees, it's a motivation fueled by the notions of potential, promise and possibility. Its about new challenges, achievement and accomplishment. For those who are seeking what's next, how to get better - and what they need to do to reach their goals. For them, Prime offers reward and discovery.

For our customers, it's a motivation pushed by a deep-seeded desire to find the ideal healthcare professional that can meet their needs, compliment their team and care for their patient population.

Through our relationships with both employees and customers, Prime HealthCare Staffing has built a reputation of integrity and honesty. We're a company that constantly strives to deliver on a simple pledge: to be thoughtful, approachable, helpful and human - and always have our priorities in the right place.

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